It's the value we add.


Ready to find your competitive edge?
Oxford Edge represents our renewed focus.
We’re building a confident future for our clients.
We’re challengers not followers.
We’re focused on being real partners, partners who care.
The new world of business is transparent and interconnected.


But you still need guidance and advice from expert partners you can trust. Partners like us.

We believe being professional means including the personal, because trust and understanding are what success is built on.  We look after you as people, not numbers.  We keep it real.

So - where shall we begin?

I’m starting out in my business…

If you are looking to tomorrow, we can help you build a thriving future.

That starting point can be all consuming, stressful and exhausting and we’re with you for the long haul. What you need is what you get, so if you need help with setting up the structure, financing, recruiting, marketing, selecting a location, or having a strategic plan in place, then we’re here for you.

We can do a lot – but we will scale this to suit your needs. Let’s grab a coffee and talk about how we can help.

I’m going onward and upwards…

We believe in local, we are proud Cantabrians. To us this doesn’t mean small or out of touch. It means immersed, connected and able to look at a complex situation through a local lens and window to the world.

If it’s time to look at your business: systems, processes, suppliers, team, equipment, management structure. We will do this, side by side, partnering with you to understand the future. We collaborate closely with you, offering our expertise and guidance.

Are you ready?

I’m completely hamstrung

When you feel like the wheels are falling off or you can’t find that north star, we sit with you, always seeking to understand.

You talk and we listen and when you need to get to the crux of the issues, or when you can’t quite put your finger on it, we are here every step of the way finding insights and solutions to get your business back on track.

And when it’s time to move to the next phase or the solution calls for some really big changes, we have that covered too, bringing together best in class smarts from a number of industries to get you that competitive edge.

I'm ready to move on

When you know, you know and when you spend years building your business to where it is today, emotions can run high when looking for succession or when you are determined to sell.

We believe in the strength that comes from legacy and history.   We take this and support your exit so that you depart knowing your business falls into the right hands at the right time and that it retains its strong roots.

We support you by leading with confidence and we work together to maximise your value.

I just want to know everything is in order

The devil is in the detail. We know that businesses either need their numbers to close out the year, or you need them quickly to satisfy friends like the bank. You also want to know that you are compliant.  Either way, we get this process underway, quick smart, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

We not only hand you the numbers, we hand you your future and our views on how you can steer your ship. Because it’s in the value we add and our genuine interest in helping you and your business succeed, or at the very least, helping you sleep at night.

What is Business Intelligence?

It's in the business solutions and value we can add.

We stay at the forefront, combining our intelligence, experience and breadth of skills to find the answers for your business.

You are focused on the future of your business. Our focus is on helping you ensure it’s a thriving one.

Our range is broad, just like the challenges that a business can face:

  • Business advice, structuring, valuations and exit/growth strategy
  • Business sales and purchases
  • Tax and accounting compliance
  • Formal and advisory board structures/Independent Directors
  • Systems expertise
  • Strategic planning
  • Brand, marketing and sales structuring
  • Business operational excellence
  • Finance and funding
  • Specialist tax advice
  • Matrimonial advocacy
  • Forensics
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Business recovery, disputes and mediation
  • People and culture

Paul Rickerby
The Mentor

Paul’s key strength, though there are many, is how he can challenge and mentor you. He will look at what you’re doing and ask all those tough, pointy questions to make sure you’re getting it right. He wants to see you succeed and he wants you to look ahead and focus on the dynamics of your commercial environment.

He will talk to you in language you can understand, rolling up his sleeves and offering you the no-nonsense advice that you need. Paul calls upon a great range of industry experience including construction, transport, forestry and pharmacy. He’s happiest when he’s going through the ups and downs with his clients, often with his Board hat on.

It’s all about the long-term relationships and working side by side. He’s happiest when he’s going through the ups and downs with his clients, often with his board hat on. From the moment he steps into his car in the morning the phone calls start.

Yes, there are many highlights but there have been some challenging times too. Paul approaches the situation like any other – with a solid strategy in place. It’s stressful, but you need to know where you are headed, have a clear methodology in place and detail your options. The end result: a carefully thought-out decision process that helps direct key decision making and the best outcome.

"It's seeing the things that our clients don’t see. It’s looking beyond what they are knee-deep in and giving them a lens through which they can open their eyes and appreciate their business on a whole new level."


Paul Rickerby
Paul Rickerby
The Mentor
Graeme Rhodes
The Builder

Graeme has worked with many clients in the building, trade and services industries (and several others), and he likes to build. Build on his clients’ success.

When he builds, he brings together the best people and technology to help you make the decisions to take your business forward. It’s quite a methodical approach from analysing what the financial information is showing him and then asking – how do we do this better? He's motivated by the potential of what he can bring to your business, and his latest tool is technology - to give you real-time information so you can make decisions and improve your performance. Graeme has the energy and drive to get you where you are going.

It’s the conversations that matter the most; the face to face meetings that get Graeme in front of his clients and building their trust. Because he wants his clients to succeed and look for the future.

It’s quite a methodical approach from analysing what the financial information is showing him and then asking – how do we do this better? what keeps you awake at night? What does your future look like? What does tomorrow look like? Graeme will outline the key pathway forward and what we need to do to achieve that strategy. The decisions are backed by systems that provide the data, because knowledge is power after all.

"It's about taking the numbers and using them as a starting point – looking for the opportunities, where you will find success and how to win. It’s the right smarts, the right systems and the right solutions."

Graeme Rhodes
Graeme Rhodes
The Builder
Belinda Canton
The Advisor

We mean ‘advisor’ in the true sense of the word. Belinda’s experience is in the business and taxation space, but her focus is on her client relationships. It’s the big life events that she shares with her clients, such as business valuations for a subsequent sale, or as part of an estate or matrimonial dispute.

Belinda gives advice to you in your business, she brings her forensics brain, carefully considering your products and services, your workforce, and your marketplace. Yes, that’s right! It’s advice tailored to you and your business. And then she takes the next step and gives you the intelligence to take you where you want to go, because she knows you and your business that well.

It’s the big life events that she shares with her clients, such as business valuations for a subsequent sale, or as part of an estate or matrimonial dispute.

She brings her forensics brain to a lot of her work, whether that’s as an independent advisor, building on her extensive experience or handing out tissues and tea – she’s with her clients through the entire process. It’s about bringing the right people together to achieve the desired outcome - sitting beside her clients and helping them to achieve what they are seeking.

"It’s all about expertise, when and where it’s needed. We are on a journey with our clients; to find a solution and work with them on the planning and execution."

Belinda Canton
Belinda Canton
The Advisor
Mike Willetts
The Leader

Every organisation needs a leader. We’re lucky enough to have our own special breed of leader in Mike. He’s a little unconventional and he doesn’t fit into any of  those stuffy preconceived ideas of what a CEO should be – and for that we are truly thankful. Mike instills a very human side in his leadership. We can credit that to all those years he spent working in banking, where no doubt he has seen it all.

While he’s delivering all the big picture concepts and challenging the team to excel, he communicates this as a friendly and approachable member of the team, with a healthy dose of humour thrown in. How do we tell our fearless leader apart from the rest? He doesn’t tell us to follow him, we all genuinely want to.

It’s all about working with great people and helping them win. Mike knows there’s great potential out there, and it’s about helping people to find the opportunity! It’s about taking the time to have that conversation with clients and asking them, why they do what they do and what they want to achieve?

Mike wants our clients to know that they are supported. We show this support through better ways, new solutions, different points of view, and tailored solutions for each client. If we can’t help, then we know who can via strong relationships with our strategic partners.

"A genuine interest in bringing together our people, our technology and our smarts and achieving great things for our clients."

Mike Willetts
Mike Willetts
The Leader
Anna Riley
The Problem Solver

Anna has the technical smarts to see the problem, find a solution and get it done. Her amazing abilities mean that she can see where things aren’t adding up and is already half-way through explaining the potential solutions to you and how it will be resolved.

She will work with you to ensure you understand what the chosen solution is and what role you play to ensure things stay on track. Anna is the advisor you want on your side when you need a resolution, and you need it yesterday.


Anna Riley
Anna Riley
The Problem Solver
Check out the other leaders in our merry team

Our clients expect excellence and we rise to that challenge every single day.


The background

Imagine if you will, launching your brand-new online retail store in the midst of lock down. It really could have gone either way… but with 25 years’ experience in the wholesale distribution of beauty products this business had a strong fallback position.

As Denis explains, ‘we run an efficient business model, but COVID-19 was certainly an eye-opener. We didn’t want to lose momentum at a time when everything was a distraction.’

What we have done

Key lessons their 90-day strategy planning highlighted:

  • Suppliers that didn’t provide support during the crisis were heavily scrutinised and, in some cases, removed from their product offering.
  • Make no assumption - reconnecting with warm leads in the sales pipeline from pre COVID-19 proved fruitful.
  • Building relationships with clients does not necessarily rely on face-to-face contact.
  • While focused on the 90-day plan, the aspirations for Denis to sell and exit the business were delayed, a revised timeline for sale was drafted and Belinda is working with him through this process.
  • The biennial conference was cancelled, so a webinar series was launched to ensure the business remained connected and added value to their clients. Oxford Edge were pleased to deliver their inaugural presentation, discussing with webinar attendee’s the importance of understanding businesses operations and where their costs lie.

Belinda, Patrice, and Michelle have enjoyed working alongside our client during an incredibly challenging time. Through staying focused on executing the plan combined with their courage and determination, they have managed and survived the single biggest curve ball that has been thrown at the world. 



The background

Working with OE director, Graeme, the family discovered that there were a few key considerations that needed to be addressed before they could hand over the reins to their daughters and son in law. Through his advice, and recommendations from a newly established board, it was clear that the family needed to articulate where they were headed and plan a strategy to get there.

‘It has been an interesting process to work through, setting the vision, purpose and values for the company going forward. Hamish and I wanted to ensure that the future plans also had a flavour of the values that have given the company good structure up until this point. We are excited to see the next chapter for the business and see where the girls take it,’ said Jenny.

What we have done

The strategy sessions certainly highlighted:

  • Family members that are senior leaders as well as board members - it’s important to remember which hat you are wearing at particular times, employee? Shareholder? Director?
  • The next generation has big plans to move beyond their current market segment, and that’s okay!
  • Bringing on board members with additional skill sets brings out the best in all.

Succession planning is very busily happening in the background now as Jenny and Hamish very much look forward to their next chapter. Congratulations guys! To Hamish and Jenny: enjoy what’s to come, and to the next generation: we look forward to partnering with you through your journey.

Hiking 2 (2)

You can choose your friends, but you can also choose your family business.

the background

In some ways it can be tough to take on the family business. What can these two brothers do differently to make the business something that they are proud of and can take something from? Hello, first challenge!

Working with Aaron, he was quick to identify the key areas to address. The previous business model delivered returns on capital employed that had the potential to be improved, meaning the current infrastructure had to be refined, role clarity established and alignment in company objectives were a must.

Our initial focus was working towards a plan to ensure we were continually in the green from a covenant reporting perspective, with clearer reporting and visibility of staff performance, company performance and pipeline. We needed a structure in place that not only delivered but also took the business forward,’ said Aaron.

what we have done

How to get there was challenge number two. Their plan for growth starts with a new advisory board and the appointment of Patrice as a member; sometimes we need a bit of accountability and focus to get us where we want to go.

Now that we have clarity around where the business is heading, we are up to challenge number three, and this is the fun bit! Having worked with one of our strategic partners to improve IT systems and processes and hence achieve greater efficiencies, expansion is the way forward.  Chris and Nick are investigating their options to increase their market share.

We can’t wait to see which direction the business takes, and we will be there with our business intelligence so they can continue to make informed decisions.

brothers (1)-1

Here are our amazing people.

Who help our clients better understand and accelerate in their market.

We're building a better culture.

One that enables our people to thrive and deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Want to join the team?

Have you got smarts you can bring to the table?

Email us now and share with us what you can bring to our clients: hr@oxfordedge.co.nz.

Alana Metz

Tax Consultant

Anna Riley

Associate Director

Beks Fraser

Client Manager

Belinda Canton


Carolyn Reid

Finance Manager/Internal Accountant

Catherine Price

Client Service Administrator

Ciara O'Halloran

Operations Manager

Crista Sumner

Assistant Manager

Diana Queen-Lucas

Front of House

Ellie Riley

Graduate Intern

Graeme Rhodes


Holly Stewart

Client Coordinator

Joss Rhodes

Tax Administrator

Kim Gerard

Executive Assistant

Kim Rhodes

Team Leader/Client Coordinator

Lisa Hearn

Client Coordinator

Matt Eaden


Michelle Stoffels

Business Advisor

Mike Willetts


Paul Rickerby


Peter Galbraith

Business Advisor

Thomas Reid

Business Analyst

We're giving back.

Because Oxford Edge is not just a sign over the door.

We're giving back.

It represents our focus on local connections.  Our proud local heritage is our platform for building confidence and we not only support our clients to succeed, we give back to the community so that our local not for profits and charities also have the opportunity to thrive.

Whether its providing our time, resources or via our fundraising, it forms an important part of how we do things around here.

How we are supporting the community

For us, supporting the community is not a tick the box exercise.  We aim to deliver smarts to our community organisations and support their purpose.  Because at the heart of it, we know these organisations deserve strong advice.  They are doing amazing things for the community and we are only too happy to help.

Here are the organisations we support:

Inspire Foundation


W.A. Sutton Charitable Trust

C.A.R.E.S Charitable Trust

Harvey Weir Charitable Trust

Spring Board Trust

Leftfield Innovation

The Gut Foundation

Breast Cancer Foundation

Blue September

The City Mission

Ronald McDonald House

Christmas Gift Box

As a business, we are also keen to protect and support our environment.   We run a digital office which enables us to cut down on our paper usage.  We also have a team who are keen on recycling what we can.  This includes anything from donating unused office supplies and computer equipment to recycling our coffee pods.  It's how we like to play our part in keeping New Zealand green. 

We're about supporting the talent of tomorrow

We know the importance of nurturing amazing talent when you see it, so we have become a proud sponsor for local sports teams.  Our investment ensures they have the development, coaching and support to compete at the highest levels.    

The teams we proudly support are:

-St Andrews College Senior A, boys and girls basketball team

-Canterbury junior development cycling team

We are also pretty proud of our Directors, Paul and Graeme who race  in the South Island Endurance Series.   On the back half of the year, you will find them whizzing around the race track which our team and clients love to support.

Need our help?

If you are a community based organisation looking for support with governance, business advice or sponsorship, give us a call:

(03) 379 6710 or email us at:



For general enquiries, contact us on:
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If you'd like to bring your smarts to our team, contact us on:

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