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Business intelligence.

Accountancy. Advice. Strategy.

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What is business intelligence?

It's in the business solutions and value we can add.

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Meet our newest associate director.

Anna Riley.

Get yourself an accountant who gets it.

Meet Anna

About you.

Our clients can do more, see more, and connect more.

Kicking off a small business.

You’re amped to get your business started and need to make sure you’re ticking all the right IRD boxes. Align with an advisor who understands you.

We can help with: Accounting, tax compliance and advice, strategy, sales and marketing.

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Need a little help.

You’re spending too much time on problems and not enough growing your business. Get back on track, de-stress and gain control.

We can help with: Business advisory, strategy & governance, sales & marketing, systems, accounting, data analytics and more.

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On the rise.

You’re jumping into the next phase. Expand your current business, look for investment opportunities, or diversify into a new industry.

We can help with: Sale & purchase, strategy & governance, data analytics, systems, accounting and business valuations.

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Requesting tactical support.

Your small business is growing fast and you need to reassess your plan. Use systems, processes, technology and good people to get to know your business.

We can help with: Growth plan, data analytics, business advisory, strategy & governance, systems, sales & marketing, tax and compliance.

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Working on my exit strategy.

You’re ready to move on. Prepare to securely pass your business on to family or put it on the market and get the best ROI.

We can help with: Sale & purchase, business valuations, cost accounting, taxes, compliance preparation and advice.

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Masters of Xero

What is business intelligence?

It's in the business solutions and value we can add. We stay at the forefront, combining our intelligence, experience and breadth of skills to find the answers for your business. You are focused on the future of your business. Our focus is on helping you ensure it’s a thriving one.

Our range of accountancy and advisory services is broad, just like the challenges that a business can face:

Business advice.

Business can be a lonely place. Every day, we facilitate strategy sessions and advisory boards, and lend a friendly and approachable ear to discuss the complexities of business. We support business decisions through data retrieval and analysis, and develop financial models.

Business sales and purchases.

The most important investment you can make when buying a business is investing in understanding every aspect of your potential purchase. We have years of experience in buying and selling businesses in all major industries, and understand how valuations work. We work with your legal advisers and other professionals to ensure any decision goes through a rigorous due diligence process.


Having the right business structure can minimise risk, facilitate appropriate governance, leadership and finance, and allow you to plan succession or sale in whole or in part.


Understanding what your business is worth and how to grow value are keys to business success. Thinking of selling? Get to know what your business is worth or could be worth.

Exit and growth strategies.

The vast majority of Kiwi SMEs sell to family or employees. Structuring and negotiating these transactions is something we have significant experience in. We are also experts in appropriately grooming and positioning businesses for sale to maximise value on exit.

Tax and accounting compliance.

We produce annual financial statements and tax returns that give you the understanding of how your business is performing, coupled with tax advice so you get no surprises. We work with you, on your schedule, to complete financials and tax returns.

Formal and advisory board structures – independent Directors.

We support many business owners with the challenges and opportunities that come with owning a business. Our governance approach is based around regular financial reporting against KPIs, strategic plans and business plans. When we are more involved with our clients, our relationships are stronger and we can add more continuing support.

Systems expertise.

Is it easy for your clients to do business with you? Do you have too much paper? Is your profitability being impacted by overheads that could be automated? We can help your business find and integrate the right software ecosystem, whether it be Xero, SmartPayroll, Hubdoc or something different.

Strategic planning.

All successful businesses have something in common: a clear plan of what success looks like. We help you understand that picture, and work together to support your business plans. This process does not have to be complex – it could be anything from a whiteboard session, through to a comprehensive five-year strategic plan.


Finance and funding.

We support you to access funding, and ensure you get the best deal. The best deal isn’t always the lowest interest rate – you need the right security and covenant structure for your business. Our service is focused on the 5R proposition: Review – Restructure – Represent – Refinance – Report.

Specialist tax advice.

It’s critical to understand the tax implications before making decisions. We have experience in a range of specialist tax advice areas and can give you the information you need in plain English, or in a detailed spreadsheet – whichever you prefer.

Matrimonial advocacy.

Having the right professionals around you at a time of need gives you support to make rational and informed decisions at an emotional time.

Forensic accounting.

Something doesn’t feel right, or you have some suspicions. You need to discuss this confidentially with a professional who will listen to your concerns. There are many types of fraud, we have the expertise to investigate and assess any areas of concern in your business. We’ll also help you set up the right systems and controls to reduce the risk of fraud occurring in your business.

Business intelligence and reporting.

We use financial reporting software that monitors and reports on your business’ financial and non-financial KPIs. Having your finger on the pulse lets you make decisions based on the latest financial information, today.

Business recovery, disputes and mediation.

Business is not plain sailing. When business owners become involved in disputes, there are ways through. We can work alongside you through constructive mediation, or help with solutions to end business or contractual relationships.

Client stories.

We're building a confident future for your businesses.

Goom Landscapes

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The Flooring Centre

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Jane Quigley – Property Developer

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Richmond Club

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“Belinda Canton has done our work for many years. We’ve very much enjoyed working with Belinda over this time, she is straight-up and easy to deal with. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and Oxford Edge.”

Scott Sanders, Property Developer

“In a nutshell, Oxford Edge are very experienced in what they do. The help they’ve given my business is substantial when it comes to finding funders and that sort of thing. Graeme has definitely paid for himself, that’s for sure.”

Willy Robertson, Tru Group

“I’ve been in business for 20-ish years in various industries, and Graeme Rhodes has got to be the least accountingy accountant I’ve ever met. He’s very personable, and he makes dealing with accountants a pleasure. Oxford Edge is aptly named: what Graeme brings is out of the box – he’s on the edge, literally.”

Stephen Rattray, BG Contracting

“Thank you to Anna Riley for taking the time to meet with us and talk through our 2021 return. We took a huge amount of learning away from this. We really appreciate your explanation of how the return was calculated and answers to our many questions. We have had such a great experience starting our business with Oxford Edge and wouldn't hesitate in recommending your services.”

John Fenwick , Fenwick Builders Limited


We're focused on being real partners, partners who care.

Belinda canton

Belinda’s experience is in the business and taxation space, but her focus is on her client relationships.

She shares the big life events with her clients, such as business valuations for a subsequent sale, or as part of an estate or matrimonial dispute.

Belinda advises you in your business, carefully considering your products and services, your workforce, and your marketplace. It’s advice tailored to you and your business. And then she takes the next step and gives you the intelligence to take you where you want to go, because she knows you and your business that well.

She brings her forensics brain to a lot of her work, whether that’s as an independent advisor, building on her extensive experience or handing out tissues and tea – she’s with her clients through the entire process. It’s about bringing the right people together to achieve the desired outcome – sitting beside her clients and helping them to achieve what they are seeking.



"It’s all about expertise, when and where it’s needed. We are on a journey with our clients; to find a solution and work with them on the planning and execution."
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Paul Rickerby

Paul’s key strength, though there are many, is how he can challenge and mentor you.

He will look at what you’re doing and ask all the tough, pointy questions to make sure you’re getting it right. He wants to see you succeed and he wants you to look ahead and focus on the dynamics of your commercial environment.

He will talk to you in language you can understand, rolling up his sleeves and offering you the no-nonsense advice that you need. Paul calls upon a great range of industry experience including construction, transport, forestry and pharmacy. He’s happiest when he’s going through the ups and downs with his clients, often with his Board hat on.

Yes, there are many highlights but there have been some challenging times too. Paul approaches the situation like any other – with a solid strategy in place. It’s stressful, but you need to know where you are headed, have a clear methodology in place and detail your options. The end result: a carefully thought-out decision process that helps direct key decision making and the best outcome.

"It's seeing the things that our clients don’t see. It’s looking beyond what they are knee-deep in and giving them a lens through which they can open their eyes and appreciate their business on a whole new level."
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Graeme Rhodes

Graeme has worked with many clients in the building, trade and services industries (and several others). He likes to build. Build on his clients’ success.

When he builds, he brings together the best people and technology to help you make the decisions to take your business forward. He's motivated by the potential of what he can bring to your business, and his latest tool is technology – to give you real-time information so you can make decisions and improve your performance. Graeme has the energy and drive to get you where you are going.

It’s the conversations that matter the most; the face-to-face meetings that get Graeme in front of his clients and building their trust. Because he wants his clients to succeed and look for the future.

It’s quite a methodical approach from analysing what the financial information is showing him and then asking: How do we do this better? What keeps you awake at night? What does your future look like? What does tomorrow look like? Graeme will outline the key pathway forward and what we need to do to achieve that strategy. The decisions are backed by systems that provide the data, because knowledge is power after all.

"It's about taking the numbers and using them as a starting point – looking for the opportunities, where you will find success and how to win. It’s the right smarts, the right systems and the right solutions."
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Anna Riley

Many of Anna’s colleagues and clients describe her as a ‘details person’, and with her considerable experience and technical knowledge, Anna delivers excellent results for the businesses she works with.

Anna loves to work alongside her clients, touching base regularly in person or on the phone, collaborating closely and challenging them to better understand their numbers. A business isn’t just an end-of-year account to Anna; it’s a relationship.

Anna started in our team over a decade ago as a Client Manager and is now Associate Director. Over the years working with Oxford Edge clients, she has built strong relationships across different industries and businesses, especially in the construction, logistics, hospitality, and pharmacy sectors. She also has international experience in the health sector, having worked in a senior position with the NHS in London.

She especially loves working with new businesses, spending time with business owners as they have their early lightbulb moments, taking the business journey with them, and seeing where they land.

Anna is here to help our clients with the daily challenges of running their business, and tackling the big issues. She can quickly assess a situation and identify solutions. She helps her clients incorporate new systems and software to make businesses more efficient and transparent. She’s got the expertise to set up packages that help business owners understand their company at a glance, capitalise on current happenings and identify potential issues early.

Living in a rural community in North Canterbury, Anna is only too aware of the value of building networks. She’s the kind of person who will jump in and lend a hand whenever you need her to.

“If I say I’ll do something, then I do it. That’s something I’ve always lived by.”
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The crew.

Here are our amazing people.

Anna Riley

Anna Riley Director +64 21 874 909

Beks Fraser

Beks Fraser Client Manager +64 3 968 3767

Belinda Canton

Belinda Canton Director +64 21 499 420

Carolyn Reid

Carolyn Reid Finance Manager/Internal Accountant +64 3 968 3725

Catherine Price

Catherine Price Client Service Administrator +64 3 968 3753

Crista Sumner

Crista Sumner Assistant Manager +64 3 968 3748

Diana Queen-Lucas

Diana Queen-Lucas Front of House +64 3 968 3706

Ellie Riley

Ellie Riley Graduate Intern +64 3 968 3777

Graeme Rhodes

Graeme Rhodes Director +64 21 359 569

Holly Stewart

Holly Stewart Client Coordinator +64 3 968 3742

Jonty Ebbett-Watt

Jonty Ebbett-Watt Graduate Financial Analyst +64 3 968 3705

Joss R BW

Joss Rhodes Tax Administrator +64 3 968 3761

Kim Rhodes

Kim Rhodes Client Coordinator +64 3 968 3708

Lisa Hearn

Lisa Hearn Client Coordinator +64 3 968 3731

Matt E

Matt Eaden Consultant +64 27 352 4460


Olivia Flyger Client Manager +64 27 476 1181

Paul Rickerby

Paul Rickerby Director +64 21 888 077


Pip Karsten Practice Manager +64 21 315 079

Tania Mugford

Tania Mugford Business Advisor +64 3 968 3702

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